Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai by SØURTUNES

My favorite leaked track of JP’s

Jai Paul - Jasmine (Demo) by Jai Paul

Looking forward to his next album, but even his leaked tracks were great

Okay another good one. This is going to become more music, for those paying attention.

best feeling is getting new music on the iPhone; here’s one of them. it’s straight saxy

Party All The Time - Eddie Murphy (HQ Audio)

New Favorite song, thanks GTA

Even better sample of Richard X—-and better thank Kanye’s remix of this same song IMO.

Richard X has nice remixes.

minming: A billion dollar software tech company is founded every 3 months *in U.S.


Ron Conway once said: “There’s a billion company created every 3 months. Now, it is every 2 months”. I finally got the chance compile “The Billion Dollar” list. I tried to limit this list to only software tech companies. I also included a couple of near billion dollar companies (~0.7 B and above).

No Water, No Moon: My key takeaways from Y Combinator's Startup School 2012


This year’s Y Combinator Startup School at Stanford’s Memorial Auditorium was high-energy, had about 2,000 attendees (my first Startup School) and a great lineup of speakers. My top 3 favorite speeches were those by Travis Kalanick of Uber, Ben Silbermann of Pinterest and Ben Horowitz of…